Timothy Murphy

Bass Baritone

The Phoenix Rising – Stile Antico


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  1. Byrd: Ave verum corpus
  2. Tallis: Salvator mundi I
  3. Byrd: Kyrie (5-part Mass)
  4. Byrd: Gloria (5-part Mass)
  5. Morley: Nolo mortem peccatoris
  6. Gibbons: O clap your hands
  7. Byrd: Credo (5-part Mass)
  8. White: Portio Mea
  9. White: Christe qui lux es IV
  10. Gibbons: Almighty & everlasting
  11. Byrd: Sanctus (5-part Mass)
  12. Tallis: In ieiunio et fletu
  13. Byrd: Agnus Dei (5-part Mass)
  14. Taverner: O splendor gloriae

Stile Antico’s latest disc celebrates the pioneering Tudor Church Music edition, which made available for the first time in the modern era much of the most important English Renaissance sacred music. Alongside Byrd’s evergreen Mass for five voices, Stile Antico’s varied programme includes masterpieces by Tallis, Taverner, White, Gibbons and Morley, all taken from the TCM volumes. This recording is supported by the Carnegie UK Trust, under whose aegis this remarkable edition appeared, in honour of its centenary in 2013.

Stile Antico’s shaping of the music is sublime, its knitting of the counterpoint mellifluous… Poised and polished though the performances are, there is always the sense that this is living music with a powerfully expressive sacred message. GN, The Telegraph, 22.8.13


An ideal single-volume compendium of Tudor music… whether the music is early or late Stile Antico presents it with a glorious and compelling freshness… a powerful reappraisal of repertoire which has become so popular we now almost take it for granted. Marc Rochester, International Record Review, September 2013


The Phoenix Rising is a programme of works collated in the 1920s publication of Tudor Church Music by the Carnegie UK Society… Exquisitely rendered by the Stile Antico consort. Andy Gill, The Independent, 26.7.13


There’s a forthright quality to the voices of Stile Antico, and especially its sopranos, that suits this English repertoire, balancing beauty with an intensity that reminds us that this is the music of protest and oppression as well as faith. Alexandra Coghlan, Gramophone, September 2013


Stile Antico is on top of its game here… There’s a rare spaciousness about the conductorless vocal ensemble’s singing, aided by the acoustics of St Jude-on-the-Hill in Hampstead Garden Suburb and terrific recorded sound. But the effect arises chiefly from the mysterious power of Tudor polyphony to elongate clock time and Stile Antico’s corporate empathy for it… Taverner’s aptly named O splendor gloriae stands as this sublime album’s crowning jewel, a pristine object for still contemplation. Switch off all mobile devices, shut out distractions and simply be with the experience of listening. Andrew Stewart, Sinfini Music, 1.8.13


Celebrating the influential Tudor Church Music volumes brought out in the 1920s by the Carnegie UK Trust (and the trust’s centenary), the conductor-less choir Stile Antico sing Tudor and Jacobean classics – Byrd’s five-part Mass interspersed with White, Tallis, Gibbons, Morley and Taverner – with exemplary tuning and discipline. The more elaborate and spacious the music, the warmer the interpretation… Richard Morrison, The Times, 20.7.13


Byrd’s Kyrie eleison almost steals into the consciousness, such is the beguiling weave of voices; the Gloria has no fear of ecstatic jubilation and the final Agnus Dei invokes serenity with vocal velvet… Tudor music thrills anew, thanks to the artistry and musicianship of this top British choir. William Dart, New Zealand Herald, 17.8.13


That the performances on this disc are given with the customary Stile Antico level of excellence goes without saying; what pleases most is the commitment and passion with which the ensemble sings works that have become so much part of the English choral furniture that they often scarcely warrant a glimmer of interest from even the most devoted of enthusiasts, thus reminding us of the striking beauty of this repertoire. Adrian Horsewood, Early Music Today, September 2013


Another winner from Stile Antico… the program as a whole, in sumptuous surround sound and sung with a rarified perfection, is extremely satisfying. Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition, 1.8.13


The expertise of the Stile Antico group in this repertory is not in doubt… extremely pleasing. Anthony Pryer, BBC Music Magazine, September 2013


Stile Antico never disappoints… music making at the highest level. Fiona Maddocks, The Independent, 11.8.13